Fantasy Fund Leagues

Do you think that your investing skills are second to none? Or do you want to try investing but the costs and risks have kept you away? Play Fantasy Fund Leagues today. The stocks are real, the prices are real but there is no cost or risk to you. You can set up your own Fantasy Fund and invest in stocks with an unlimited budget. You compare your fund against other players and see if you have the right stuff. You can also create or join in Fantasy Fund Leagues. In a Fantasy Fund League, players start with the same budget and invest in stocks or Fantasy Funds. At the end of the league play, the player with the most money wins! Fantasy Funds finally removes what separates you from billionaire investors. Join and play today and become the next billionaire investor with Fantasy Funds.

What is the purpose and the main scope of the app?

Education and entertainment. The scope of the app is to provide a competition setting for stock trading in the same way other fantasy leagues do for sports. For players that have never tried trading stocks, Fantasy Fund Leagues provides a risk-free way of learning in a competitive, fun and safe setting. For experienced stock traders, Fantasy Fund Leagues provides a way to compete and show off that they can trade like a pro. The basic questions we had are “Why can’t I create my own fund that others can invest in?” and “Can I be the next Warren Buffet?”. To be a billionaire investor you need capital and trading skill. We wanted to create an app that gives players the capital and the environment to learn and test themselves. With Fantasy Fund Leagues, players can create their own funds and show that they can perform better than the best funds in the world.

What are the main app features? The app offers:

  1. Real stocks and real prices in real-time. Players can trade on the volatility of stock prices that change by the second. There are other investment education apps but they do not give traders the ability to track and trade stocks as they continuously fluctuate.

  2. Players create their own Fantasy Fund with an unlimited budget. Players can buy and sell stocks into this fund without worrying about the price of the stock. Fantasy Funds are scored and compared based on the percent lift. If a player buys $1 million worth of stock but the stock never grows the fund will score poorly. On the other hand, if a player buys a single share at $1 and it grows to $2 in a day the fund will score well. Players can show off their market acumen by creating the highest scoring Fantasy Fund.

  3. Players can compete in Leagues. Leagues have a set budget and end date. Players compete in leagues to see who can create the most value before the end date. In Leagues, players can buy individual stocks or they can invest in their own Fantasy Fund. By investing in their own Fantasy Fund players can participate in multiple leagues and manage their stocks in one place. In a League, players can also invest in other players’ Fantasy Funds. By investing in other players’ Fantasy funds, players can win leagues by using the trading acumen of other players. In this way, players’ Fantasy Fund can also be measured by the number of other players that are invested in them.

Who is the target audience and how could the users benefit from using the app?

This app is perfect for those interested in stock trading and want to learn with with real data in real time. There is no risk and no money necessary to play. Leagues are, by default, open but players can create closed leagues that restrict who can join. Closed leagues allow for invited groups of players that want to play and compete together. The other target audience is anyone interested in fantasy leagues but wants to move beyond sports. Fantasy Fund Leagues applies many of the same concepts of fantasy sports leagues to stock trading. Fantasy Fund Leagues is the perfect app for anyone who is already trading stocks but has no way of sharing their skills and experience with others. Rather than bragging about how much money they make in the market why not put your skills to the test and compete in Fantasy Fund Leagues.